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Date:    2012 Jun 12 09:01
To:      all
From:    kagemaru
Subject: A PMD story to share
I was seriously injured. I couldn't get up, for the bolts were coming in
too fast. But before the world went black... 

Hi. My name is Matthew Michael Morrison, but my friends call me Mike. I'm
into fantasy and anime. I am (or was, at least) the star student of the
scool journalism team. Now... well, just read on, I guess.

I stepped off the train. Los Angeles, I thought. Lots of news-worthy stuff
going on here. I guess those were some magic words. A vortex opened up, and
immediately things were sucked in. Papers, pieces of metal, parts of the
chipped wall paint, parts of the wall, and lots of other things as well. It
was constant, like the sun, the stars, the moon, and the earth. I then knew
what and/or who it wanted.


I held onto the railing. Hopefully it will go away, I thought. But after I
realized what it was after, I casually let go. Just like that. I just
relaxed my body and hoped I would not die. I felt a zapping pain all
through my body. Then everything went black.

Then I woke up on some kind of tropical island. I pinched myself. Ow, ok I
was still alive.

Some strange crab things started blowing bubbles. I was too drowsy to see
them clearly but I did see a faint reflection in them.

I staggered to the deep pool. The rocks seemed higher than what I expected.
Either they were taller, or I was shorter.

Once I climbed the rocks, I tried to get some to splash on myself, to wake myself
But my arms were too short, so I "fell" in.
The water was deeper than I expected, but I definitely woke up, just to go back to
permanently this time.
I couldn't swim. But apparently, I was swimming, or holding my breath, or breathing

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