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Date:    Feb 16 00:32
From:    arawn
Subject: Tim's Torture Part IX

Tim tells the group, 'hello?'

You tell the group, 'yes'

Kros nods.

You tell the group, 'do it, and i'll summon you straight away'

Tim tells the group, 'and this is not negotionable'

Kros says, 'I don't make myself look bad in my logs'

You tell the group, 'i can't think of anything, can you?'

You tell the group, 'tim you're not even dealing with firebird right now...i'm a
completely different creature on this night'

Tim tells the group, 'are you?'

You tell the group, 'test me'

You tell the group, 'or just go ppk and get yourself a summon'

Dentin says, 'return tims stuff or you sacrifice all your own.  Do it now.'

Dentin stands here before you, his hair in a knot.

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