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Date:    2014 Sep 13 15:05
To:      all
From:    amberwillow
Subject: man scary stories
ok, i just wanted to tell you all a story that i was listening to yesterday.
it was by this guy named creeps mick pasta.
i know right, weird name.
but anyway he had this story, and i don't exactly know what it's called because i
was listening to a playlist and it kind of just played the stories and didn'te tell
me the name.
but here is the story that i heard.
there was a man who heard from a girl that her boy friend knew a guy that had a sister,
and this is what happened to her.
her name was jenna.
jenna got on a subway one day to go to work.
all the seats were empty except for the one in the way back, which is where 3 people
to men and a woman.
the woman was in the middle, and the 2 men were sitting on either side of her.
jenna sat across from them, but didn't talk to them since she was shy.
then, at the next stop, another man got on board.
he looked around the car, then caught jenna's eye and came and sat next to her.
when he sat down, he said in her ear, if you know what's good for you, you'll get
off the subway with me at the next stop.
not knowing what to do, jenna got off with the man at the next stop.
then the man said to her, phew, thank god we got off of that train.
i didn't mean to scare you, i'm sorry, but that woman that the men were sitting next
to was dead.

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