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Date:    Feb 16 00:14
From:    arawn
Subject: Tim's Torture Part I

The white aura around Tim fades.

Tim shakes his head, negative.

Kros says, 'throw something at them, it doesn't matter what'

Kros gets a key of gardens from a pocket dimension.

Kros gives a key of gardens to Tim.

Kros says, 'here, that's useless'

Tim throws a key of gardens at an orcish soldier, but misses.
An orcish soldier disarms Tim and sends their weapon flying!

An orcish soldier dodges Tim's attack.
a humungous orc guard's stab *** DEMOLISHES *** Tim!
Tim misses an orcish soldier.
a humungous orc guard's stab *** OBLITERATES *** Tim!

You order Kros to 'if it looks like he's going to kill one of them should we join

a humungous orc guard's stab *** DEVASTATES *** Tim!

a humungous orc guard's stab *** DEVASTATES *** Tim!
a humungous orc guard's stab *** MASSACRES *** Tim!
Tim is mortally wounded, and will die soon if not aided.
an orcish soldier's stab maims Tim!
Your blood freezes as you hear Tim's death cry!
Tim is DEAD!
Tim's force shield slowly dissipates.

The disfigured corpse of Tim is lying here.

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