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Prev Msg   - 2012 May 22 16:41 (rayquaza) coco's deaths, part 3
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Date:    2012 Jun  4 03:54
To:      all
From:    rayquaza
Subject: coco's deaths part 4
The Matrix stands here.
You suddenly place a lightning dirk in the back of The Matrix!
The Matrix *** MASSACRES *** you!
Your pierce MUTILATES The Matrix!
Ritz jumps to your aid!
Riolu jumps to your aid!
Riolu's flaming slash *** DEVASTATES *** The Matrix!
The Matrix DISMEMBERS you!
Your shocking stab MASSACRES The Matrix!
The Matrix *** DESTROYS *** you!
You have been KILLED!!! (-625 hp)
You weep as you think about the 616058 experience that you lost.
bla bla bla
You tell the group, 'ok this is just bull@#$#'
Riolu tells the group, 'fine if you don't want any soulstones'
You stop following Riolu.
You say, 'hmph

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