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Date:    Aug  9 14:13
From:    darklord
Subject: death of a possum, part 1
Somewhere very dark
It is too dark for you to make out any meaningful features.

Schlyne is here, sound asleep.
Tarrant is here, sound asleep.
Riona is here, sound asleep.
[Exits: east up ]

<20hp 20mn 100mv>op backdoor

You open the back door.

<20hp 20mn 100mv>s
A small driveway
This is a small driveway for Pinky's house.  It is sparsely graveled and
very weed-choked, but it does the job.  The house is oddly constructed--
there is a large patio on the front (for such a small house), and the roof
is very sloped.  There are entrances to the house on its east and south
sides.  Directly east there is a two-car garage.  South there is a church.
The driveway leads west onto the main street.  A street lamp provides light
for the immediate area.
It is night.

A slick-looking blue car rests quietly here.
Tim is here.
[Exits: north east west ]

<20hp 20mn 100mv>cl backdoor

You close the back door.

<20hp 20mn 100mv>ent cavalier
You enter the Lovemobile II.
A 1991 Chevy Cavalier
The interior of the car is in far worse condition than the outside.  The
seats are stained with many bean burrito spillages.  The cup-holder hangs
by a thread.  The rearview mirror is non-existant.  Lights on the dashboard
no longer function.  The parking break, by its own will, remains on all of
the time.  As the plastic arm rests and the seats' adjustable gears creak
and moan under your weight, you ponder how much longer the vehicle will be
able to drive.

The lastest book in the BattleTech series sits on the dash.
A set of clothes lie on the back seat.
A green flashlight remains tucked away under the driver's seat.
[Exits: none ]

<20hp 20mn 100mv>get flashlight

You get a green flashlight.

<20hp 20mn 100mv>/
You pray to the gods for transportation...
In a driveway
You stand east of a large red barn with white doors and a white roof.  West
of you is the main door to the barn.  To the south there is a blue house
made of wood.  The stump of what once was a Chinese elm nestled in a bed
of flowers sits against the house's north side.  Pine trees block your way
north.  The driveway snakes off to the east.
It is night.

A slick-looking blue car rests quietly here.
A hideous light blue girly truck ominously stares at you.
[Exits: east south ]

<20hp 20mn 50mv>op door

You open the barn door.

<20hp 20mn 50mv>w
Inside a big red barn
The inside of the of barn is a mess.  Tools and engine parts lie scattered
on the floor.  A 1959 Ford tractor occupies the western portion of the barn,
leaving room for little more there.  Several smaller machines have been
lines up against the southern wall, whereas rabbit cages decorate the
opposite barn wall.  There is a chicken coop in the northwest corner of
the barn, above which there is a hayloft.  A doorway leads south to a small

a cat is here, fighting an opossum.
an opossum is here, fighting a cat.
An empty food dish sits here unused.
A water carton has been spilt all over the floor.
[Exits: east south northwest up ]

<20hp 20mn 48mv>s
a cat's scratch annoys an opossum.
A small workshop
This cramped workshop has been walled off with particle board from the rest
of the barn.  Various machines, tools racks, and garbage barrels decorate
the walls, but little else.

A black machette with a belt loop hangs on the wall.
A makeshift spear leans against the window.
A bloodied axe cuts its way into the wall.
A case of dynamite has been deposited here for safekeeping.
[Exits: north ]

<20hp 20mn 46mv>get machette

You get a black machette.

<20hp 20mn 46mv>get spear

You get a dull iron-headed spear.

<20hp 20mn 46mv>wiel spear

You wield a dull iron-headed spear and prepare for battle.

<20hp 20mn 46mv>c st

You feel stronger.

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