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Date:    Feb 16 00:18
From:    arawn
Subject: Tim's Torture Part IV
Tim tells the group, 'now can i ask a question?'

You tell the group, 'sure'

You tell the group, 'you do for me i do for you'

Tim tells the group, 'will you let me have all my eq back'

You tell the group, 'tim i told you to go slow, if you want me you gotta rub me the
right way'

Tim tells the group, 'please summon me back, its not funny'

You tell the group, 'uno momento el timbo'

Tim tells the group, 'you knew id get killed didnt  you'

You tell the group, 'i wasn't ocmpletely sure'

You tell the group, 'seconds before i told kros if you were doing okay we should
join in'

Tim tells the group, 'i dont care how much you 2 hate me, this isnt cool'

You tell the group, 'hrm'

Kros tells the group, 'I was pretty sure you'd die, but I was told that I wasn't
supposed to say anything or you wouldn't group'

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