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Date:    May 12 16:52
From:    beale
Subject: Evil Beware Part II
I said, "900, is that all you got?  I got 1500 from them
just last week." From where the words came, I just don’t
know.  I was simply following a hunch.  The elf
immediately got very quiet, and the woman looked at me
intently with her dark eyes.  "What the hell are you
talking about stranger?"  

"They always give me 1500, have for months. As of last
week they had not changed the fees they paid me."  She
looked at the elf with eyes that could kill, "What is
going on here?  Are you and Valenci holding out on me?"
The elf looked a bit worried, "No way, at least I don’t
think so.  Maybe the Trows just have a different
arrangement with the man."  She was not satisfied.  She
turned on him in anger, and in a flash, her evil rage
overcame her.   She screamed "liar" and sprung on him
before he could react.  The battle was quick.  She was no
match for the elf, in spite of her rage.

As she closed her eyes for the last time, he was hit by a
heavy spear right in the middle of his chest.  I had
surprised him, and finished him off rather easily.  No

I then turned my attention to the bartender.  Leapt over
the bar and had my dagger to his throat.  You will live if

you tell me where to find Valenci.   He smirked, which
almost cost him his life.  But he said, "Amigo, I will do
better than that. Valenci is almost always down at the
mill.  I have no love for his ilk.  But I will tell you
where you can find the Trows.  They are the ones you
really want.  Damn baby stealing bastards."

He gave me the information, and I was off.  Knowing that I
could come back for the elf at any time, I headed for the
forest west of Ralnoth as fast as I could.  His directions
were not precise, but I was able to find the entrance to

their cave within a few hours.  I donned my hooded cloak
of darkness, and snuck in behind the evil gate guard.  I
saw the worried look on his face as the room darkened, but
he did not stand a chance of seeing me.  I thought to
myself "Kaoken attack!" as I plunged my Gaff into
his back.  "Is it going to be this easy?,"

After picking the gate and entering, I decided to play it
cool and not attack anything else unless really necessary.
I wanted to find that baby alive.  For an hour I wandered
their underground town, sneaking at times and walking
freely at others as I observed these ugly creatures.  I
noticed that several of them were very happy, in spite of
the sickness that was affecting much of their community. 
The first really disturbing thing I saw was some sort of
observation post.  They were watching a pregnant woman
through a portal of sorts.  I had an idea as to why.  Then
I found it, the confirmation of my suspicions.  The clerk
would not hand it over, even when I said please, so I had
to pry it out of his dead hands.  In this book were the
records of dozens of "transactions."   Over forty babies
that had been stolen over the years, and given to"happy"

I heard crying from the north.

Without even sacrificing the corpse of the record keeper
to Vember, I raced out of his office and toward the sad
sound.  I was too late.  There lay the corpse of the
little red head with a blade stuck in his back.  "Asmodia,
how could you?"  But I knew the answer, "I am evil through
and through Beale, where else would I practice stabbing?"
Funny, I was not mad at her.  Must be the bonds of
Blackwind, but the evil, baby-stabbing, hotheaded girl
just has a special bunny shaped spot in my heart.

The Trows were not so lucky.

Before I left that day, only one remained.

Perhaps it was the frazzled look on her face, but maybe
not.  I simply sensed thatshe was not as evil as the rest. 
I left her with these words, "I am Beale of Blackwind. 
Make sure that your people remember me."

I still see the stains of the priest on my hands at times. 
I have yet to find the elf I seek.

I keep my eyes on the Trows.

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