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Date:    Feb 16 00:17
From:    arawn
Subject: Tim's Torture Part III
Kros rolls about the floor laughing.

Tim tells the group, 'i guess you can do wa\hatever you want'

You tell the group, 'i'm serious tim'

Tim tells the group, 'im powerless right now'

You tell the group, 'may i have your gold?'

Tim tells the group, 'will you give me back the eq?'

You tell the group, 'i'm fragile tim, go slowly at first'

Tim tells the group, 'i want my eq, '

Tim tells the group, 'yes you can have the gold, now please summon me back'

You tell the group, 'say it with no conditions'

Tim tells the group, 'dammit, what are you up to?'

You tell the group, 'fucking tim the more you dick around the more likely i am to
start teleporting things'

You tell the group, 'tell him not to fuck with me kros'

Tim tells the group, 'you wanted my help, i '

Kros tells the group, 'you tried, and died'

You tell the group, 'CAN I HAVE YOUR GOLD'

Tim tells the group, 'i helped you and now you wanna play mind games'

Tim tells the group, 'yeah you can have the gold'

You get 366970 gold coins.

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