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Date:    Feb 16 00:22
From:    arawn
Subject: Tim's Torture Part VII
Dentin has been idle for one tick.

Tim tells the group, 'your version of what the muding is for is not mine'

Tim tells the group, 'not everyone agrees with you'

You tell the group, 'you are right'

You tell the group, 'BUT...that doesn't really matter right now does it?'

Tim tells the group, 'if i go ppk, then what'

You tell the group, 'than i'll summon you straight away'

You tell the group, 'and never...EVER...EVER fuck with you again'

Tim tells the group, 'if i go ppk you both will kill me when i get there'

Kros tells the group, 'I won't, I'm not able'

You tell the group, 'and tim i say stuff to you, but i've never DONE anything to

You tell the group, 'kros is a weakling, and until you said it i hadn't contemplated

Kros tells the group, 'I will never say another thing to you, unless you ask me something
if you got ppk'

You say, 'i do want his cherry'

You say, 'please...let me have my little moment'

Tim tells the group, 'why do you want me to go ppk then, why is it so important to

You tell the group, 'do you know what PKOK means?!?!?!'

You tell the group, 'it's not a fucking flag, or a command'

Kros tells the group, 'it's a lifestyle'

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