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Date:    May 12 16:50
From:    beale
Subject: Evil Beware Part I
I knew it was a mistake.

Like the time I was drunk and assaulted the elderly man, I
 got caught up in the moment.
By the time I got to the church, I was quite irritated
from having to deal with some invisible attackers.  Then,
to top it off, I was unable to practice my craft.  

I got into the church, and there it was.  I could not even
tell how much was in there, and that made me even more
mad.  He kept an eye on me, but not like he was watching
a thief.  He noticed my scratches and healed them.  He was
silent.  Every time moved to take what I came for,
something stopped me.  He just kept smiling at me, and I
became more and more irritated.  Finally I snapped.

I did not even bother with a back stab.  No, acting as if
I were a obnoxious warrior instead of a stealty thief, I
went for the angry, frontal assault.  My blade was drawing
blood before even I knew what was happening.  I saw red
and was in a bezerked frenzy.  In spite of his pleas and
his efforts to teleport me away, he died that day.

I knew it was a mistake the moment I took what I came for.  In my battle drunken
state I had not seen it.  But the
moment I touched the cash, I realized I
had done the wrong thing.  This was a good man.  I had
shed innocent blood.

I have tried to wash the stains off my hands for months,
but I still see them sometimes.

I wandered south, unsure of my destination.  I believe I
was moaning Robert Johnson’s "Walking Blues" or it was at
least going through my mind.  I was at a loss.

I felt tainted. I was tainted.  My soul had shifted
towards the evil I so despised. I had behaved as a crude, evil warrior instead of
a good thief with honor.

I was still in a fog while slinking down the Southern Road
when I heard her.  Barely audible at first.  But as I came
closer, I saw her grief and experienced her weeping.
Seeing her suffering roused my curiosity and took my mind
off of my own misery for a few moments.  

"My baby" is what she cried when her eyes met mine.  I
looked around and saw no child.  "They took my baby." My
jaw clenched as and I started feeling that warmth again. 
"A couple of elves, and a woman.  They knocked me down,and
took my Charlie."  After getting a description of the
child and the threesome,I told her that I would do my best
to retrieve her son.

I was not sure of where to start.  She thought that they
headed further south, so I traveled that direction.  I had
heard about some elves to the east, so when I found
a path to my left, I took it.

The hooker was not helpful at first.  She just kept trying
to proposition me, and initially said that she had not
seen any elves carrying a red haired child.  But as I was
leaving, in an effort to entice me further she said,
"Well, I may know of a wood elf that handles babies a
lot."  I gave her back one of the coins I had stolen from
her and said, "Tell me more."  "Well, there is an elf that
hangs out at the bar down the road a bit.  He is the one I
go to when I get pregnant.  He takes care of me and my
little problems."  "What are you talking about?," I asked,
not yet seeing the picture clearly."  "I sell him my
babies, silly.  Do you think I want a dozen rug rats
hanging around interfering with my business?"  hanging
around interfering with my business?"

I have not ever felt bad about having her blood on my

I sat down in the corner, with a glass of something they
called "Blossom" in front of me.

I was just about to take my first drink when he walked in.
I could tell he was bad news from the moment I laid eyes
on him.  The arrogant fool was throwing around gold like
it was  sawdust, he bought a drink for the lady and even
one for the drunken idiot.  I sat and I listened.  I could not hear everything they
murmured, but when the woman 
whispered,"I can’t believe they gave us 900 for that red
haired brat," I knew that I had found at least two of the
guilty parties.

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