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Date:    2015 Jan 15 00:38
To:      all
From:    steeler
Subject: 10 simtems of watching star wars for too long
10. Every night before bed, you put a toy blaster beside your bed incase of
storm trupers. 9. You've acually tired to construct your own lightsaber. 8.
When you get angry, you raise your hand to force choak people. 7. You
acually think the force is real and so you try to flip a coin from one hand
to the other with out touching it. 6. When your in clubs, you ask around
for people to fly you to alderan. 5. At night you can't sleep because you
acually think the deathstar will blow up the earth. 4. Everytime  someone
mentions star wars, you talk about how its what you do for a living. 3.
You've acually tried to go to space. 2. You yell at your toy robot. 1. You
think your toy lightsaber is real.'

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