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Date:    2019 Jan  8 23:00
To:      all
From:    wily
Subject: An incredible and long-fought battle with a teleportation field.
I, Wily the karkadann Doubledoor Ripper, Orion, Leos and Mertag, have
finally slain the teleportation field in the fifth arena. It was a
tremendous battle, and after having warped us a few times, we have asked
the gods for their assistance. Shackles of a glowing green appeared around
us, and those finally rendered the field impotent, for we could not be
transported! Indeed, Horror emanated from the field in waves of magical
energy as its helplessness manifested as we kept pounding on it.
It then sprouted fists to punch at us, and while it hit with the strength
of two trolls having a dance party, We have weathered its blows and landing
the final blast, we completely destroyed it upon this glorious day, Sunday,
the 7th day of month 8 (Tarden) In the year 742 of the reign of Dentin.
And if it was unfortunate we gained no experience from the kill, we have
managed to topple the twisted creation. Indeed, such victory has never been
seen since the olden times, in the age of the Great Red Wyrm Lux!

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