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Date:    2019 Jan  3 01:02
To:      all
From:    serkanal
Subject: the king is here
You stealthily move into position...
You slip from the shadows.
You yell, 'KAO-KEN TIMES TWO!' and spring onto your opponent!
+20.8mill xp!
(notify) Serkanal landed a brutal backstab on Aranis the Silver Flame paladin for
53972 damage, freak 16!
You place Impaler, ancestral legacy of the assassin in the back of Aranis the Silver
Flame paladin, mortally wounding him.
Aranis the Silver Flame paladin is near death!
Your blood freezes as you hear Aranis the Silver Flame paladin's death cry!
Aranis the Silver Flame paladin is DEAD!
You receive 691k experience.
on ground contains:
fists of fury (glow)
       You receive a combat point!
You now have 1335 combat points you can spend.
The corpse of Aranis the Silver Flame paladin falls downward, disappearing from sight.

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