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Prev Msg   - 2023 Jul 29 03:17 (martin) stabbin,  yo!
Next Msg   - 2023 Nov  8 04:46 (absolute) this works for me (greak 32 bs)

Date:    2023 Oct 15 04:42
To:      all
From:    absolute
Subject: say hello to my little friend
You slip expertly into your hiding spot.
You stealthily move into position...
You slip from the shadows.
You are forced to defend yourself against a gyuki guard!
               KAO-KEN TIMES TEN!
The air turns to purple fire as you summon forth your energy and attack a gyuki guard!
You gain a practice!
+5.1mill xp!
(notify) Absolute landed a murderous backstab on a gyuki guard for 90816 damage,
freak 32!
You place the ribsplitter in the back of a gyuki guard, mortally wounding him.
A gyuki guard is near death!
Your blood freezes as you hear a gyuki guard's death cry!
A gyuki guard is DEAD!

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