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Date:    2012 Feb  3 10:40
From:    dentin
Subject: Case 3 - Mob kill steal - guidelines
These first two scenarios are the obvious, clear-cut ones:

Scenario 1:  Group A is actively fighting a mob.  Group B arrives and
manages to kill the mob while group A is fighting it.  Group B has stolen
the kill.

Scenario 2:  Group A attacked the mob about an hour ago, but didn't succeed
and has been regenning nearby and hasn't attacked since. Group B arrives
and kills the mob.  Group B has not stolen the kill.

The next scenarios are less clear cut:

Scenario 3:  Group A has been actively trying to kill a mob for two  hours,
but they're really underpowered for it.  They've been hitting it in runs
every five to ten minutes and have it somewhat injured.  A powerful Group B
enters the area and easily kills the mob.  Group B may or may not be liable
for killstealing.

Scenario 4:  Player A has been experimenting with and playing with  a mob
for half an hour.  Player A could easily kill the mob, but has declined to
do so to prevent player B from legally killing the mob.  Player B kills the
mob anyway.  Player B may or may not be liable for killstealing, and Player
A is an official asshole.

Analysis:  These kinds of grey-area situations have to be looked at on a
case by case basis.  Clear cases of camping, whether for resources or to
interfere with other players, shouldn't be encouraged.  At the same time,
neither should killstealing during reasonable regen times.

When considering these kinds of grey-area situations, we try to balance the
harm, the intent, and the time periods to reach a fair conclusion.
Historically, most decisions have been to let grey-area kill steals stand,
both because this is considered a minor offense and because players do
generally try to find a reasonable compromise.

The best advice for players is to be reasonably respectful of other players
in an area, and to make your kills fast and clean such that there is less
chance of  kill stealing.  Make sure 'nokillsteal' is enabled.

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