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Date:    2013 Jul 11 10:02
From:    dentin
Subject: PK and attempted PK sentencing guidelines
These are the standard sentencing guidelines for player killing and
attempted player killing.  Sentences start light and increase dramatically
for repeat offenders and malicious intent.


Attempted PK, where the victim doesn't die, generally carries a light
sentence.  There are two common situations:

1) If the victim doesn't die, and it could plausibly be an accident or some
other unintentional problem, the attacker is typically sent a warning
and/or asked to fix the problem.

2) If the victim doesnt die and the attempt looks intentional, penalties
increase slightly, but a warning is still typically sent.

For repeat offenders of attempted PK, the attacker is typically frozen 
based on the repeat count and level of malicious behaviour.


Successful PK, where the victim does die, is more complicated to manage and
increases the penalties for the attacker.  In occasional circumstances, the
victim may be reimbursed for lost experience.

1) For accidents, there is the option of a strongly worded warning.

2) For intentional PK, first offense, the attacker is typically frozen for
one to three days.

3) For intentional PK, repeat offense, the freeze duration typically
doubles for each repetition and can be months in some instances.

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