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Date:    2012 Jan 13 11:30
From:    dentin
Subject: Case 2 - Credit theft/dispute
This case revolves around a credit dispute and possible password hacking
between the two players.  After considerable review of the credit logs,
personal logfiles, and statements of the parties, I issue the following

The logfiles in this case are numerous and clear, due both to the fact that
credits are involved, and because one of the players has had a history of
questionable behavior.  The plaintiff has a clear record, and the logfiles
strongly back the plaintiffs claims.  The defendant has made no meaningful
attempt to counter the evidence or offer alternative explanations.

Judgement for the Plaintiff, for 2983 credits plus 1% non-compounded weekly
interest since november 12, 2011.  The total comes to 3250 credits.

Given that defendant cannot and/or will not produce this full amount, what
is available is to be impounded, and the remainder will be removed from the
capacity of a suitably large weightless container.


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