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Date:    2016 Jun 24 21:13
From:    dentin
Subject: Lokar - going around ignore
While running the 2016 Summer Solstice event, the builder Shadowfax
put Lokar on ignore.  Lokar repeatedly tried to go around ignore:

- Asking Morpheus to talk to Shadowfax

- Using an unaffiliated character to send tells

- Contacting Shadowfax's RL brother

- Contacting Shadowfax's RL wife

After the fourth incident, Shadowfax attempted to freeze Lokar, but
Lokar was not logged in at the time.  About an hour later, when
Lokar logged in, Shadowfax froze Lokar for three days.

This case is unusual in that the injured party also happened to be 
the judge.  Ideally, an independent party would have been the judge.
However when running something as stressful as a system event, where
time is often critical, we specifically grant extra allowances for
gods to take actions such as these.  This is mentioned in the rules
section on 'special events'.

This warrants additional scrutiny from me, and as a result I have
spent a distressing amount of time reading logs and digging into
this case.

These things taken into account, and given everything I have seen
and read, I see no abuse on the part of Shadowfax.  The initial 
sentence looks reasonable.  The presently active 3 day freeze
stands.  I am aware that it covers a significant fraction of the
remaining event time.

Miscellaneous Commentary
Persistence is not always a virtue, because sometimes persistence
is illegal.

When a player ignores you, they don't need to tell you a goddamned
thing.  They don't need to explain, they don't need to justify, and
they don't need to respond.  Even if you think they're your friend.
Even if you're related to them.  Even if they're MY MOM.

If a god ignores you while running a system event, take the hint.

While it may feel good to air your grievances in the court of
public opinion, it almost always backfires on you.  You waste
everyone else's time, and more often than not the publicity sheds
light on evidence harmful to your case.

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