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Date:    2017 Nov 11 06:38
From:    dentin
Subject: Ignotus - game ban
(See previous post for context.)

After spending far too much time looking through his personal log, I've
decided that Ignotus is one such player.  He only logs in to chat, and
literally hasn't gained a level in a month.  He's constantly negative about
the game, spreads discontent, and continues to communicate with Teros via
out of band channels.  He fights with the builders, recently had his
moderator flag removed due to abuse, and has explicitly stated that once
his 'Chatmud' is done he and all the other players he can find will leave
AA and go there.  

With this in mind, I think it best that he go to his Chatmud sooner, rather
than later.  This post aims to help that process along.

Ignotus and his bot Donald have been banned for three years.


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