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Date:    2013 Jul 11 10:02
From:    dentin
Subject: Notes and caveats on PK sentencing guidelines
1) Penalties are somewhat light for initial offenses and accidents, because
death isn't really that big a deal, accidents can happen, and tempers can
sometimes flare.  We all make mistakes from time to time.  However, repeat
offenders and premeditated attacks face dramatically higher penalties.

2) If the judge feels that the attacker intentionally took action expecting
to pay the penalty, the judge may increase the penalty.

3) It's a bad idea to mouth off to or lie to the judge. The judge is
allowed to raise penalties for either or both.

4) For blatantly malicious and/or intentional attacks, penalties are often
increased one to two full levels.

5) For 'hate speech' motivated attacks, such as those Tyrant was famous
for, the attacker may be politely asked to leave Alter Aeon permanently.

6) For repeat offenders who are not curtailed by the above schedule, the
judge may use any other means at their disposal to limit future offenses,
including spam flagging, asshole flagging, permanent archiving, and

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