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Date:    2015 Jun 21 12:18
From:    dentin
Subject: Athlon - summoning and griefing
Athlon and all other characters in his account that are level 30 or
higher have been frozen for a week for illegal summoning with intent
to grief.

Currently understood facts of the case
Athlon is fully logged.  Fact disputes can be verified against logfiles.

Slej and Lokar spent many hours running a group in a Summer Solstice
'survival' event instance yesterday.  At some point Athlon was denied
entry to the group by Lokar.  Later that day, the group largely disbanded,
with Slej and Lokar remaining in the instance so as to allow the group
to reform at a later time.

While Slej and Lokar were afk, Athlon summoned them out of the instance
with intent to make them lose the instance and their progress in the
survival event.

Final sentence is to freeze all high level characters in Athlon's account
for a week.  Removing all event feats and deeds was considered but
argued against by the victims.  The destroyed instance was recovered for
the victims.

There will doubtless be backlash over the light sentence, given Athlon's
previous history on this board.  I don't ascribe to the RL 'three
strikes' rule, and I don't believe that punishing people harder is
better.  The punishment should inconvenience the target and get their
attention, and I believe the above does so.

We all have bad days, and we all do dumb things.  Sometimes we can just
snap and regret it later.

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