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Date:    2015 Jan 26 10:57
From:    dentin
Subject: Kaden slander against Ritchhart
A message containing a pair of faked mudmails was sent by Kaden to
multiple people over the course of a couple days, with intent to
discredit and attack the player Ritchhart.

Had the messages been legitimate, there would likely have been no case.
However, as the messages were clearly faked and distributed with intent
to damage the reputation of Ritchhart, this has become a major offense.

Evidence Summary
Analysis of the messages and server logs indicated that neither of the
supposedly copy/pasted mudmails were legitimate.  Neither message was
entered into the mudmail system on the server, the headers were
syntactically incorrect, the timestamps were wrong, and there were other
internal problems with the messages.  There is no question that the
messages are fake.

Further analysis strongly indicates that the fake messages themselves
were composed by Kaden.  There is a distant possibility that they were
composed by someone else and merely entered by Kaden, however this
does not present a viable defense:  the first fake message was strictly
addressed as "To: Kaden", and the second fake message was preceded by
a statement that it was "my reply".

Prior to this event, there were no specific rules handling slander and
misinformation.  As such, the active rules were:

     4.6  - Thou shalt not attempt to impersonate others
     5.10 - Thou shalt not in general grief other players

- Kaden has been frozen for a month.  The purpose of this long freeze
  is to remove the character from the social environment in an obvious
  fashion and to allow the situation to cool.  Kaden has several multis,
  including one that is higher level than Kaden, and will still be able
  to play.

- Clan owners with multis of Kaden in their clan have been informed of
  the presence of said multis.

- Parties who have received the fake mudmails have been contacted and
  informed of misrepresentation on the part of Kaden.

- As this is an information warfare/character reputation offense, it
  seems apt that this case law entry be considered an additional

This is bullshit.  We teach five year olds that lying is wrong, and most
children learn to stop doing it around that age.  It's not acceptable
in children, and it's not acceptable here.

If that's too difficult, perhaps use instead the old adage:  if you
can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

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