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Date:    2017 Jan  7 13:25
From:    dentin
Subject: Spartan - account freeze and game ban
The player Spartan has been banned for threatening real life harm to
other players, and in general being a jerk and troll.

Mudmails included in followup messages.  They pretty much speak
for themselves.

Specific rules used in this determination:

5.6  - threatening real life harm
14.2 - the person is responsible, not the character

Additional context is that this player has been a pretty significant
troll and annoyance character over the last two weeks, with multiple
moderator actions taken.

Given the recent incident with Athlon and the similarities in these
two cases, I've elected for a similar but lesser punishment.  Spartan's
account is to be locked for 18 months, and a global siteban will be
set up to inconvenience his ability to play.  It is hoped that he will
perhaps grow up in the intervening time.

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