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Date:    2016 Nov 10 20:41
From:    dentin
Subject: Athlon - account freeze and game ban
The player Athlon has had his entire account permanently locked for
threatening real life harm to another player.

On Friday, November 4th, Athlon used a newly created character named
'heller' to bypass ignore and send death threats to another player.

Sample death threat
From:  Heller
Sent:  Friday, November 4th, 2016 at 01:39:01 am
Subject:  important, read to end.
You stupid fucking cunt,
When I say things are serious, things are serious. Your life is at stake.
It's in my hands. My hands in colaboration with several third parties
who'd be interested in ending that life of yours.
Go report this to Dentin, rat me out socially, call the cops on me, that's
fine, if you don't respond to this within a week (you very fucking well
know where to find me), my dealings with the assassins will start to try
and find the cheapest and most secure one.
Should this fail, I have other accesses ... weapons, certainly enough
money to fly down and put a bullet between your eyes, but not without
first  taking out some extreme sadistic urges on you. Long have I awaited
the day where I could say and know that my threats are more than empty
words, and that day has finally  come.
I'm not yet done, I also know some third parties who could ruin your life
by exposing every private detail of your life, facebook, skype, twitter,
I'm not an expert on social media.
How much do you value that pretty little life of yours? I reiterate, I
think we need to talk ...
Worst regards:
Your self-created nightmare demon from the north.

Specific rules used in this determination:

5.6  - threatening real life harm
5.9  - going around ignore
6.11 - general griefing
14.2 - the person is responsible, not the character

While a threat of the type copied above would normally be sufficient
to justify severe action, I believe it important that we consider
previous entries on this board:

15: 2015 Nov  7 14:58 (dentin) Laeg - being a dick, and more
16: 2015 Dec 24 15:01 (dentin) Laeg - summoning

Given these, other administrative history of bad behavior going back at
least two years, and the rather remarkable death threat above, the only
appropriate action is complete account termination and removal from
Alter Aeon.  Athlon's account has been locked, any future accounts
he may create will be locked, and he is no longer welcome on the game.

I'll also be looking into avenues to help the victim report this to
the proper authorities and to get them the information they need to
take action.

Let it be known that no matter how much money you drop on AA, this sort
of behavior isn't acceptable.


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