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Date:    2018 Aug 21 18:00
From:    dentin
Subject: Boa - permanent ban from Alter Aeon
The player Boa has been permanently banned from the game.  This  covers all
his past and possible future accounts and characters.  If he is discovered
playing, his characters and any newly created accounts will be summarily
archived or deleted.

If you wish to contact Boa, you are expected to do it off-game.


Boa has repeatedly broken various rules over the years, including having
characters frozen a half dozen times, being silenced a dozen times,
spamflagged three times, a bunch of channel bans, and is one of the few
players to have forced permanent ignore entries to separate him from other
players.  Understand that this is for just *one* of his characters.  He has
several others, though none quite as prolific as Boa.

Boa was also the inspiration for at least two of the rules in section 13,
"Rules During Special Events", and has been banned from at least one
special event as a result.

Of special mention are his persistent personal attacks against our building
staff.  More than a few builders have Boa permanently ignored. I have
personally been the target of his attacks several times over the years.

Given this long and colorful history, I believe it's in the best interest
of AA for him to leave and play somewhere else. It has been a difficult
decision for me because there are times when Boa is a great and even
helpful player. Unfortunately, that is offset by the times when he becomes
convinced that there's a conspiracy against him and goes on the warpath
against other players or builders.  I cannot in good faith justify allowing
him to continue harassing others, no matter how helpful he can be on

I sincerely hope he finds a place where he fits in better than he does


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