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Date:    2007 Sep 16 16:30
From:    dentin
Subject: vivi
Vivi has not been frozen.  Vivi has been DELETED for intentional, malicious
griefing and illegal player killing.  This decision is final, and no appeal
will be entertained. The name has been marked as reserved to prevent reuse.

A log of the entire incident may be found at

Justification for this punishment is the exceptionally malicious and
sociopathic manner in which this particular incident occured, as well as the
breaking of a number of other rules over even just the last two weeks:

1.6  - Thou shalt not steal passwords or run scams
1.7  - Thou shalt not phish or grossly defraud other players
1.9  - Thou shalt not be a dumbass when dealing with gods
2.8  - Thou shalt respect ignore
3.4  - Thou shalt not summon other players without their consent
3.6  - Thou shalt not kill steal
4.2  - Thou shalt not screw with recall sites
4.3  - Thou shalt not attempt to kill other players except in pk
4.4  - Thou shalt not loot the corpses of other players
6.8  - Thou shalt not multiplay.  Ever.

Given that past attempts to deal with this problem player have been less
effective than I had hoped, I sincerely hope that this particular punishment
gets his attention and gives him some understanding of the depth to which I
am pissed off about it.  If this continues, I will have no difficulty in
ensuring that he is never able to log in here again.


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