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Date:    2014 Jul 17 20:49
To:      dentin all
From:    lokar
Subject: Almarics illegal pk part 2
I feel like Almaric is being punished more harshly because of a personal
distaste for bug abuse. I'd like to point out again that this was not
intended as an abuse, but simply to see if the bug had been fixed.

I don't excuse Almarics actions, I only argue that the punishment doesn't
fit the crime. Almaric is not a repeat offender, he doesn't go out of his
way to break rules and cause trouble. He didn't intend to hurt anyone and I
think that deserves strong consideration. 

It is my belief that at most Almaric deserved a slap on the wrist, and to
be told not to do it again, and that Almaric should probably apologize for
the results of his actions, but he most certainly does not deserve to be

For reference the points argued in the first post are refering to the
following quote-

[bovine] Dentin: one thing I'll note about the case law board is that it
says  guidelines, and there's intentionally a lot of slop in it.  Frankly,
I went on  the high side because 1) its a well known bug with well known
consequences, 2)  he should have known better, and 3) he fled the scene. 
It's not clear to me  how you'll make a counter argument for those, since
they arent listed [bovine] Dentin: that should help you frame things so as
to better attack my position. 

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