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Date:    2009 Jul 29 22:28
From:    dentin
Subject: tyrant
The owner of the character Tyrant has been asked politely, through the use
of comprehensive sitebans, bootings, and freezings, to no longer log into
or play Alter Aeon.

This is the second time in the history of the game that action this drastic
has been taken.  The first time was with the legendary bug-abuser Ranko,
approximately 12 years ago.  While other characters (and gods) have been
deleted or permanently archived in that time, the owners are generally
allowed to play other characters and continue to log in.  Tyrant is not.

Ranko and Tyrant have much in common.  They were both exceptional players,
with very strong characters and an ability to find and abuse bugs.  In
fact, rampant bug abuse is the primary reason Ranko was exiled. In the
intervening years it has become substantially harder to cause major damage
through game bugs,  and while Tyrant's bug abuse was often impressive, it
was not the primary factor in his exile.

The real reason is harassment.  I have been receiving complaints and
reports of griefing concerning him for several years now, and have read
many logfiles of his behavior. So long as you're on his good side, he's
your best friend.  If you're not, he's a malicious, psychopathic asshole,
and he doesn't seem to ever stop. I've tried to give players (and gods) the
tools to help them deal with this on thier own, but this has only somewhat
stemmed the flow of complaints.

At some point, you simply have to give up.  I don't have time to babysit,
or fight the eternal battle to keep the code one step ahead of him - I'd
rather be working on more important things.  

I may revisit this decision five years from now as I did for Ranko. 
However, unlike Ranko who merely found and abused bugs, I do not expect
Tyrant to become any less of a malicious asshole in that time.


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