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Board Name - The Case Law Board Room (Room 1392)

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Date:    2014 Jul 17 20:22
To:      dentin all
From:    lokar
Subject: Almarics illegal pk
So I'd like to note for starters that Almaric is being accused of illegal
pk, as per the post on board 8. He wasn't accused of bug abuse, he was flat
out accused of illegally killing someone. Were I to argue the points That
Dentin made in bovine however Iae d point out the following. 

1) The bug couldn't have been THAT well known, since I had no clue it
existed myself.  Almaric was seemingly aware of the existence of said bug
however, which is why he was curious if it still existed. That being said
he also took precautions to try to prevent any trouble from happening.  He
had someone scout the room for him and make sure nobody was there, and had
the clear intent of removing the mob from the room after he sent it there. 
Poor room flagging and exit flagging prevented him from being ab le to the
mob following him it was an idea that sprang to mind and wasn't the blame
here is on builders for removing all chance of fixing accidents that may
occur.  Almaric is very clearly guilty of not thinking through which mob he
decided to test this with, but it's very likely that due to the mob
following him it was an idea that sprang to mind and wasn't precisely
thought out.  Therefor Almaric is guilty of doing something stupid, but he
is not guilty of intentionally killing someone or tryi ng to abuse a bug in
some improper fashion. 

2) I have a hard time arguing with this, not because I agree that he should
have known better, but because thereae s no precedent for it. Many many
times people who should have known better have gotten away with practically
murder. I know because Iae ve used this argument in the case of many other
people (Vivi, Magicmage, Stewie, Gamlin) personally and received little to
no result. Itae s not fair to say he should have known better. He clearly
thought he could keep the room safe after he recalled the mob,  he even
went as far as to have unholy scouted out to make sure the room was empty
before doing it so nobody would be harmed.  

3)Many like lots of people have and would, and will again, yes he fled the
scene.  There is bad blood between Sandman and Almaric. I know because I
get to hear about it, from both sides.  Sandman isn't very fond of Almaric,
and Almaric knows it, and is intimidated by him. He fled the scene because
he was scared of what would happen, he didn't want to be yelled at by
Sandman and was shocked by the results of his actions.  It wasn't any way
an admission of guilt or intent but more an act of cowardice.

I don't pretend Almaric is entirely blameless for what occurred, I simply
argue that the result was accidental.  Almaric went through great lengths
to try and make sure nobody would be harmed by his actions. He had the room
scouted out to make sure nobody was present when he did it. He even tried
to retreat the mob out of the room while it was attempting to kill sandman.
 Yes he should have chosen a better mob to test with, yes he should have
remained logged in after it happened and explained himself, b ut no, he did
not intentionally cause what happened.  Accidents happen, and they have
unintended results. If this was real life and he got someone killed I'd say
send him to prison, but this is a game. Itae s about having fun, if an
accident happens and wasn't intended to cause harm we as a community should
be capable of moving past it. 

(Sorry for poor editing and weird spaces, I'm stuck on the flash client at
the momment and it has weird pasting issues with word. More will follow in
another post.)

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