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Board Name - [Obsolete] The Room of Impending Doom

This board is preserved for historical reasons only.  In times long
past, it contained notification and discussion of major game changes
or game change proposals.

All comments are property of the poster and may not reflect the views
of the admin or staff of Alter Aeon.  Browse at your own risk.

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 Msg  Date              (from) Subject
   1: (dentin) the purpose of this board
   2: (dentin) spells and spell practicing, upcoming...
   3: (rat) Pets, familiars (high level)
   4: [private message]
   5: [private message]
   6: [private message]
   7: (squeak) Object and mob changes
   8: (squeak) Some specific areas: 
   9: (jalpar) xp/mob changes areas
  10: (dentin) Response to Jalpar, part 1
  11: (dentin) Response to Jalpar, part 2
  12: (dentin) Response to Jalpar, part 3
  13: (dentin) Response to Jalpar, part 4
  14: (dentin) the above
  15: [private message]
  16: Jan 25 17:47 (dentin) Dont nuke the messages on this board
  17: Aug 11 05:11 (cygnii) In case anyone still reads this board
  18: Aug 13 18:58 (dentin) Grin
  19: 2008 Sep 22 22:03 (locane) Mud Gathering (tm)
  20: 2008 Sep 22 22:40 (shinoto) 2.Mud Gathering
  21: 2008 Sep 23 00:18 (multi) mud gathering

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