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Board Name - [Obsolete] The Room of Impending Doom

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Date:    2008 Sep 26 02:33
To:      Dentin All
From:    groan
Subject: Doom and Castle Wolfenstien (responce to post 10)
RE: Doom and Castle Wolfenstien

I do, at least once a week on my spanky 360 (doom, Xbox Live Arcade) and compy (Castle

I do agree with you tho, the fact that most players do get bored after a while is,
at best, inevitable.

Entropy is always against you. Personally, I've been here, what, 6 years now? and
I still enjoy the hell out of this universe.
The people are great, even when Jason/Gamlin was around, could've done without Vivi
tho.. but I'm not one to throw the first stone, so to speak.
The fact that I can log in after 5 months of being in absentia, and find that most
of the people I talk to are still here, and there are new areas/new quests to be
found/had, I find personally exciting.

Never, no matter how much I bitch/moan/complain about "How the mud USED to be" I'm
actually glad its evolved, and will always evolve.

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