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Date:    2015 Jan 27 19:38
To:      all
From:    audriana
Subject: thoughts on new thief combat skills?
So it seems that thieves could use some additional combat type skills.
Something that would give more variety in fights.
I've only come up with a couple things, but maybe some others have other thoughts.
I was thinking something like gouge, that could have chance of cuasing temp. blindness
or in some other way impairing fighting abilities.
I mean if someone jammed their fingers in your eyes lol it would mess things up for
The other thought I had was something like strangle, that would knock a mob unconscious
for a few seconds (if landed, maybe time could be based on dex or something), that
way could backstab for more damage.
Anyway, just my random thoughts, I have no diea about levels and such.
thanks for reading.

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