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Board Name - The local MAGE lodge

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Date:    2014 Apr  3 21:27
From:    draak
Subject: player arena
[bovine] Cria: it would be kind of convenient to me if entering an arena reset flags
like defend and tank

[bovine] Cria: and if arena reported deaths and well as kills

[bovine] Lexie: agreed

[bovine] Shouldice: Cria, want me to show you how to use your client?

[bovine] Shouldice: You really need a bigger advantage in the arena?  Like you aren't
going to win anyway?

[bovine] Cria: yes, what i'm asking for is a huge advantage that i will use to terrorize
the mud with

[bovine] Shouldice: I'm sorry did Lexie just agree, have you ever been in the arena?

[bovine] Lexie: yep the other day when yo uwere actually lol

[bovine] Shouldice: Lexie I will fight you in the arena right now, one on one, loser
leaves the mud forever, you down?

[bovine] Jaro: rofl

[bovine] Lexie: hey Shouldice, I'll issue meaningless ultimatums against you on all
channels, first one to start laughing leaves the mud forever, you down?

[bovine] Shouldice: I'll fight you right now, loser has HIS character deleted by

[bovine] Shouldice: Right now.

[bovine] Kumar: Your an idiot.

[bovine] Shouldice: I'm 100% serious, are you willing?

[bovine] Lexie: no. cause I think you're a moron.

[bovine] Shouldice: Sorry did some little blind faggot just call me an idiot?

[bovine] Kumar: Just an fyi.

[bovine] Shouldice: Why am I a moron?

[bovine] Lexie: no two did.

[bovine] Kumar: Lol im not blind meat head.

[bovine] Lilmike: ruh roh

[bovine] Shouldice: Might as well be, total 119 in 4 years progress on a character
that's pathetic.

[bovine] Kumar: Lol, actually I just lvled this char. Quite quickly at that if you
were to pay attention.

[bovine] Shouldice: My offer stands for the next hour Lexie, I am total 105, 34 days
old, I will pk you in the arena right now, loser leaves the mud forever.   You are
total 128, should be easy.   Other then that, I have important things to do.

[bovine] Cria: killing 34 day olds is my favorite

[bovine] Lexie: heh, I have no ego bound up with my char, I have no reason to brag.
I don't care about what people think about me, and I don't need to make people stop
thinking i'm an idiot in public, nad begin knowing I'm an idiot.

[bovine] Lexie: but in any case, this isn't the time or the place for this conversation.
bye bye.

[bovine] Shouldice: I don't blame you for not having an ego, you don't have anything
to brag about.   I can refer you to a Yahoo chat room you might feel at home in.

[bovine] Roserade: shh shouldice

[bovine] Shouldice: I'm done.

[bovine] Roserade: a tot 66 managed to kill you multiple times, we rest our cses

[bovine] Shouldice: Your point, I could make a total 80 druid in a week and beat
you too?

[bovine] Kumar: Your so cool..

[bovine] Talina: and we're all sooooo impressed by your hypothetical leveling skills
there, pal

[bovine] Roserade: I see the law of the  online is being invoked

[bovine] Shouldice: Chan connect echo to continue this conversation.   I can't speak
my mind here.

[bovine] Dentin: ill not have stupid drama filled pk flamewar idiocy on my channel
gamlin, take it elsewhere

[bovine] Shouldice: Fair enough Dentin.

[bovine] Talina: you spoke it well enough when you dropped multiple slurs in one
sentence, what's stopping you?

[bovine] Dentin: I am

[bovine] Roserade: okay let's cut it out before we all get hit by a dentin boot

[bovine] Talina: ... wise idea. *zips lips*

[bovine] Shouldice: Give me a break

[bovine] Shouldice: mc sorry

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