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Date:    2006 Aug 22 04:02
From:    draak
Subject: nostalgia
10.  I ran with a 'mud rape' party that assaulted MUD U. The two biggest gun
in the group was a level 30-30-30-23 Ashton. The Watchers  always went for
Ashton first.

9.  I knew Maniacmatium in RL and was the reason he started playing AA. He
moved to Arizona years ago and was married not too long ago.

8.  I had a beautiful pair of ogre feet devoured when the Jaguar waxxed

7.  I remember Tarrant's previous character, Evilavatar, before his name was
shortened to just Evil.  He also had a storage char named 'Chaosavatar'.

6.  Druid once did a CR for me. He retrieved my body from the firbolgs 
(unfortunately, it was my second death there and my first body, with a  full
set of jadite eq [back when jadite was cool], had already decayed).

5.  I remember when Thantos stood in recall telling us why we couldn't go to
Disneyland.  Thantos died a lot until his ground was changed.

4.  I remember figuring out that wet towels had a hidden -CON effect on them
and people not believing me!

3.  My storage character still has a full set of 'leveling eq' on him.

2.  I remember when Darklord got his groundstring, before it was shortened:

Darklord, cursed of the gods, bane of experience, begs to have his groundstring removed.

Boy was Dentin drunk.

1.  I exp'd in Don Milano when it first opened in a group run by Gamlin.  
None of us died!

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