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Date:    2022 Mar 21 09:09
To:      all
From:    raziel
Subject: Stuck at waypoint? Try removing and re-adding it

Couldn't find word of this anywhere else,
leaving a note here for others in case it helps.

If this is not appropriate, apologies in advance,
I know the gods will feel free to delete this.

So I had not logged on for a while and waypointed
to the heavily warded waypoint near the beginning
of the game.

I tried to go east, but was told that I had to pray first.
When I tried to pray, it said I already had that waypoint.
When I typed waypoint, it did show the waypoint was indeed in my list.

Thanks to the gods for providing the solution.

You can remove the waypoint using waypoint remove 1
(or whatever waypoint number you are trying to use)
and then once it is removed, just pray again.

From there I was able to walk away from the waypoint as normal.

Thanks again to the gods for making such a great game,
despite occasional annoyances such as this.
It is amazing that the game is as good and steady and reliable as it is,
and that it is a rare find when things like this happen.

Have a blessed day

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