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Date:    2021 Apr  9 00:23
From:    reiga
Subject: List of God Spheres
So, I noticed quite a few people were interested in god spheres and I noticed noone
had really posted it publicly or anything, I do hope this isnt intended to stay private,
but I have a list of the god spheres and I do hope it helps everyone out!

Angels : Grants repentance
Chaos : Confusion
Curses : Weaken, Clumsiness
Darkness : Shadow Strike, Rorshach
Demons : Angels able to enter the demon realm
Domination : Feeble Mind
Dragons : Grants reptile type
Elements : grants elemental type
Healing : Regeneration (on self)
Illusions : Prism
Law : Bless (on self)
Light : Radiant Orbs
Moon : Icebolt
Ocean : Riptide
Plant : Thistles, grants plant type
Protection : Armor, Faith Shield (both on self)
Sun : Solar Lance
Undead : Coldfire, grants undead type
War : Lunge, Jab
Weather : Gust of Wind

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