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Date:    Dec  7 20:24
From:    void
Subject: repost: Do Not Try This At Home
A bit of stupidity I found on a board somewhere that I thought was worth
sharing. It must be true, I doubt someone could make up a story this absurd.

Topic: Help- I Burned My Girlfriends Cooter

ok this is what happening.

my parents are out with family and friends, and theyll be back any minute so
i need your help

see, i volunteer  on my sister's softball team (im 22 the girls are 15)

and whatever, i met this girl, her name is Alison, and we were going out for
a while. we have a lot in common, and sometimes i help her with her homework.
i helped her with her english essay and she still got a D.. this is because
her teacher is a prick... anywayz

so she came over like an hour ago, and i really want to lose my virginity, so
i ask her to have sex

"no no i cant, its not right" she said, but i told her "dont worry, i know
what im doing, ill be done in like 10 secs, plus ill give you 2 n64 games if
you say yes."

So then i gave her Diddy Kong Racing and Ken Griffy Jr. Baseball and we went
up to my room. she is a bit confused and scared.

then i think to myself- yo i need lube, right? cuz i heard other people
saying you need to lube up her clit otherwise it wont fit in properly.

ok so i have no lube, but i really want to lose my virginity, so i grab some
butter from the fridge, but its cold and wont melt, so i microwaved it for 8
minutes and put it in a glass and poured it on her cooter, and now shes
saying i burned it.

i dont know what to do, my parents are going to be back any minute and shes
crying in the bathroom plz help you guys are really smart please help me.

any idea how to shut her up? should i give her another n64 game?

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