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Date:    2007 Feb 21 18:19
From:    void
Subject: woah it's a party
[ninja] Void: sweet 16 birthday seppuku! start writing your death poem shinoto
[ninja] Shinoto: As I lay here contemplating.
[ninja] Shinoto: The ninja of fu
[ninja] Shinoto: I will die and still suck at haiku
You create a deadly and beautiful katana with a strange magical gesture.
You say, 'ok now is where you cut yourself'
You say, 'and when you don't die right away, I almost-behead you with the katana'
Shinoto says, 'Okay one second!'
Shinoto says, 'I'm not emo this might be hard.'
Shinoto says, 'Goddamnit just kill me.'
Shinoto says, 'I'd love to die to that badass katana.'
Shinoto grabs the nearest sharp object and thrusts it into its midsection.
You hack Shinoto apart, spraying blood and gore everywhere!
Shinoto is mortally wounded, and will die soon if not aided.

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