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Date:    2012 Jun 22 03:27
To:      all
From:    kurek
Subject: history :)
This  is me trying to explain to all the mush-z newbies what AA was like
for me back in 2004. zt Kurek: back in the day zt Kurek: you could gather
firewood at level 0 and get 1 million xp in 8 hrs zt Kurek: yeah but
practices cost 8 mil so meh zt Kurek: otherwise I could have been running
pracs all day long zt Kurek: im talking about say 3 years ago zt Kurek:
maybe more zt Kurek: when ltype 0 and 1 stillw ere around zt Kurek: ive
been playing alter aeon since uh zt Kurek: 2004 zt Kurek: yet im still a
fucking n00b zt Kurek: i had shitty english back then zt Kurek: back when I
was 12 or so my english was shit man zt Kurek: you know, to kill something
i would just zt Kurek: spam kill whatever zt Kurek: and ask questions like
how do I use a weapon zt Kurek: and I didn't discover skills until like 3
months after zt Kurek: and i  had 4 armor class and i was a happy camper zt
Kurek: oh and I discovered ppk  ad I went straight into it zt Kurek: and
once i got ice imped by a mob zt Kurek: and draak helped me zt Kurek: oh zt
Kurek: and ocne zt Kurek: once when multiplaying wasn't so heavily grounded
upon zt Kurek: and when quests gave you a fixed gold amount zt Kurek: I
went with like 20 characters zt Kurek: and did the nafien wizard quest for
10k gold for like 200k zt Kurek: dentin got me zt Kurek: i had  a trigger
to spam kill nafien zt Kurek: oh and my first char's name was zt Kurek:
megauri zt Kurek: and there were no newbie islands zt Kurek: and I was 12
years-old zt Kurek: and I sucked zt Kurek: this is going on board 8 or
whatever the board up from unholy is 

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