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Date:    2018 May 31 15:50
From:    darke
Subject: Darke Tidings (Tips/Advice) #2: Minions and Control Points
Welcome to the second post of this tips series, Darke Tidings, about things
that I wish I had known when starting out. The topic of this post is
Minions, Control Points, and why you need to be careful when using minions
from different classes at the same time. There was once a time when I tried
doing Necromancer/Druid primary and secondary because I wanted to use
minions from both classes, only to find myself limited by Control Points
that weren't really mentioned anywhere beforehand (except in the help f
iles, if you already know about it).

Necromancer and Druid are the classes that use minions the most, though
Cleric (with incarnates) and Mages (with Elementals) can also use minions.
All minions make use of the Control Point system, which currently has the
following rules:

1. Each class has a control point total equal to its level. If I am 25
Necromancer/20 Druid, I have 25 Necromancer control points, and 20 Druid
control points.

2. Minions from each class will draw from that control point total from
that class. Zombies and Ghouls will only use Necromancer control points,
while stuff like Liveoaks only use Druid control points.

3. The total control point costs from all of your minions cannot exceed
your highest class level. Any minions that you try to make/recruit past the
total will fail.

For an example, let's say that my class levels are 25 Warrior/20
Necromancer/15 Druid. I have 20 Necromancer control points, so if I tried
to make both a Zombie (9 points) and a Ghoul (13 points), it would fail due
to their combined total being higher than 20. With my 15 druid control
points, I could summon a Black Bear (12 control points), and would only
have 3 druid points leftover to summon something else like an Earth Wall (1

Now, my highest class level is 25 warrior, meaning that the total control
costs of all of my minions cannot exceed 25. If I wanted to,I could use a
Ghoul and the Black Bear at the same time (Ghoul using 13 of my 20
necromancer control points, and the Bear using 12 of the 15 druid control
points) since their total is 25, but I would be unable to also use an Earth
wall with them even though I have 3 druid control points left over, due to
the total (12 + 13 + 1) exceeding my maximum class level. Leveling my 
druid level would not do anything, but if I later leveled my Warrior class
to 26 (increasing the total allowed costs to 26), then I would be able to
use that combination.

It is important to keep the control point system in mind when planning out
how you will be using minions from different classes. The control point
costs of each minion can be seen using the 'control list (class)' command.
If I am a 25 Necromancer/21 Cleric and I want to use the cleric's
Incarnate, that minion alone costs 20 cleric control points, so if I also
wanted to use a necromancer minion I would only have 5 necromancer control
points available to use before the total goes above 25.

Given that the primary class minions will generally be stronger than
secondary class minions (due to the cast level being higher), I find that
it is usually a better idea to plan for the primary class minions to be
used for damage, while the secondary class minions are more for utility
(with their low control point costs) if you are using both together. For
example, a Cleric/Necromancer might use the Incarnate as the primary damage
dealing minion (20 control points), along with the Tanking necromancer min
ions (1 control point) and the demon familiar (2 control points) for

To see the control point contributions of the minions you currently
control, you can type "control" to see a formatted list that tells you how
many points you have left from each class and your total. For more
information, you can look up the various Control point help files. It is
important to keep the control point system in mind when planning out what
minions you want to use from multiple classes, if you are using them at the
same time.

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