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Date:    2021 Oct 27 06:08
To:      all
From:    asclepius
Subject: Message from Colonel's wife
I forwarded a number of kind messages and comments from the playerbase on
to Jameson's wife and she was kind enough to send this message and ask for
it to be passed on.
Hello this is Tosh Jamison's wife .
I first would like to thank all of you that have helped with the GoFundMe.
I have no words for the generosity you have all shown the kids and I . So
many of you have picked up and commented on all the wonderful treats that
made Jamison the man I love. Jamison and I met in choir at college when I
was 16 . Being he is 4 years older then me we did not date till I was 20 .
We have been together every day since then. 21 years , many of your names
are familiar to me as he would often talk about something you al l did or
made together. 
I don't know your beliefs but I want to share something that happened the
day he passed with all of you . Take it as you like . Little background
story first. I have always loved frogs . So the first gift Jamison gave me
was a lime green frog rain boot he used as a vase for roses . Fast forward
to the night he passed away. The kids and I were at Jamison's mom and dad's
house with all his siblings and our Son Lex says " Mommy look there is a
frog on the door " So I go look and sure enough a frog was there  . Not
just any frog it was about 4 or 5 inches, so not like the little ones we
see all the time and it was Lime green . I had never seen one IRL before. I
don't know what made me do it but I decided to pet it with two fingers like
you would a cat or something. Most frogs would hop away instantly. Not this
one he stayed there about 5 minutes letting Lex and I pet it . Then
Jamison's sister came out to see and with a big smile and tears in her eyes
she said " You always did love your frogs " then simply she  wlked away .
It was at that moment I knew it was Jamison in some way sending a message. 
I know he touched many of you just being the man he was . I will forever be
grateful to you all . I have no doubt like myself many of you will have a
whole in your heart where he once was . However he is always with us and I
know he would just love all the in game things you have done in his memory
as well as the love and support you have shown the kids and I . He was an
amazing husband and an even better daddy. You all helping us as you have
would touch him forever. 
With love  Natasha, MacKira and Lex 

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