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Date:    2008 Feb  1 11:05
From:    torax
Subject: A piece out of time:
Once upon a time, there was a big fat jerk called Torax. Back in 1997 he
began to play muds, just like this one.

There wer assholes on that mud, just like Here. These assholes performed in
much the same way as they do here.

Torax vowed to all on that game to do what he could to promote fair game
play, and the following of the rules to the best of one's ability.

This action really made the assholes mad, and made an enemy of Torax.

With a heavy heart, Torax began to make a plan to singlehandedly stop
assholes from being such twiddlers.

On this mud, it was possible to loot corpses of the equipment if someone
died. Torax would form raiding parties, because it wasn't against the rules,
and hunt, what he thought of, as asshole groups. He'd take their equipment as
they took on mobs too large for them, or what ever. The equipment would then
be distributed to friends of his, as he saw fit.

Keep in mind, this wasn't against the rules of the game. He thought, he was
truely doing the right thing. "I'll teache them a lesson,"  Or so that idiot

One day, Torax was in command of a raiding party, when he was ripped from
reality. He ended up in a chat room with the creator of the mud. The creator
began to show him examples of what this type of behavior of the game was
doing to some of the players. This god explained to him that these were real
people behind the keyboards.  They took it most personally, as, in his words,
many who play muds are a little cracked. He also emplored Torax to stop doing
this type of stuff, as he risked losing popularity.

Torax had mentioned that it didn't matter if he wasn't liked by the assholes.
 He only wanted everyone to try to follow the rules to best of their ability.
Also to, if they couldn't get along, and they absolutely had to be doinks to
each other there should at least be some safe rooms.

It was pointed out to Torax, that his actions, if they didn't stop, would
force changes to the game.  This would eventually ruin the game for all.
Also, Torax is seen by some, to be a wining little pissy bitchy bastard.  And
Torax was also becoming the thing he most hated. The dreaded...  ASSHOLE.

The god went even further. He showed examples of cracked players that would
actually become criticly depressed if they couldn't dominate, and their power
was stripped from them. Players that took years to get where they were, and
really took stuff personally.

This god also mentioned that there were type personalities that couldn't let
crap go. The god pointed out that Torax was one of these.

There was much more discussed in that hour of time which he and Torax spent
together, but Torax learned much over that hour of his life in that world.
But Torax was made to realize that he should just play the game, or not, and
if there were things which he didn't like, so be it.  Walk away at that
point. He didn't after all, want to become that which he most hated. The
dreaded...  ASSHOLE.

In closing, eventually, Torax was at a point where he lost access to his
internet, and when he was again able to get a connection, years later, he
found the mud gone. When he had talked with some of the admin that had hosted
the mud, he had found out that it was mainly terminated because they all got
tired of the same old same old. Bitch, bitch, wine, wine, cry cry.  Rules
brakers bending and the like. It all became just too much for the admin... 
In short, it was no longer fun.

I'd hate for this mud to go the way of that one. So, this is why I feel so
strongly as I do.

I am not a narc, an informant by nature.  But I will continue, unless I am
asked to stop by admin. That is all. 

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