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Date:    2020 Mar 25 16:45
To:      all
From:    simo
Subject: You quaff a bottle of tabasco sauce.
You quaff a bottle of tabasco sauce.
You call upon Shift to strike you down with fire.
That really did hurt!
Your fireball backfires, and blows up in your face!
You start to feel disoriented, but you manage to shake it off.
A beautiful web of blazing yellow fire suddenly appears and wraps around you, setting
you on fire!
That really did hurt!
You feel dazed!
<104hp 220m 310mv>
Jess tells the group, 'there you go monolis i just fully healed your skelton warriors
<103hp 220m 310mv>
You are mortally wounded, and will die soon if not aided.
<-13hp 224m 316mv>

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