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Date:    2012 Jan 16 04:21
From:    doug
Subject: My Alter Aeon Story
Since it's time time of year of the Alter Aeon anniversary, I thought I'd
post a short bit about my history here at Alter Aeon.

I started playing around 1998 or 1999 as a child. I was 10 or 11 years old.
I have to admit, back then I was the most annoying newbie ever, making some
of the current 'annoyance' players look like high end mudders. I had no
clue whatsoever what I was doing. I was one of those newbies who wanted
everything to be 'given' to them, at least for the first year or two I

I pretty much grew up on the mud. Instead of going outside and playing like
most of the kids my age back then, I would sit on the computer mudding
until the sun came up, then go to sleep for a few hours and continue
mudding. This continued for several years.

I was a very troubled child mentally, I even thought about suicide, however
a few people on the mud were always here to dissuade me. I was also pretty
much always about to sink my mind into the mud, to get rid of those sort of
thoughts. I'd have to say that without Alter Aeon, I wouldn't be here

On another note, I have met many fantastic people on the mud. The first one
was someone that I met in around 1992, I'd suppose. They helped me through
many ordeals, and I them. They were my age back then. From what I
understand now, they're married and living a fantastically happy life, away
from the mud. I've met other people on here that I know and trust well, the
most recent I met just a few years ago, however it seems like I've known
them much longer.

This mud is not just a "mud" in my eyes. It's my home. Yes, there are some
strange people on here. There are those that are simply hanging around to
annoy people and cause disruptions. Those, thankfully, are the minority.

We have people from many different countries and lifestyles. Different ages
and cultures. Blind players, deaf players. Every single player, even the
ones that may be annoying at times, make up this great community and game
that we call Alter Aeon.

I honestly wouldn't be here without it, and I'm here to stay. I don't plan
on going anywhere in the future. I might not be as active here as I used to
be once upon a time due to other obligations, but Alter Aeon will always be
my home away from home.


A mudder

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