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Date:    2017 Sep  3 09:39
From:    rain
Subject: potatoheads who we are, bulk offers, and ways to make gold with us
I would like to first thank all the people who took the time to read this post and
thank everyone who has supported us on channels over the months. Word of mouth is
the best form of advertisement, and without people spreading the word, we wouldn't
still be open. You see us on auction all the time and hear us on shout yelling about
restocking this or that, but who are the guys at potatoheads and what do we do?

Potatoheads is a consumables only player shop managed by the in-game shop system.
Unlike runners bulk consumables (they're great
 check them out at for bulk lower level consumables
at unbeatable prices), we have a shop front one east two north of the summer sun
waypoint with everything that we are offering at the moment. We sell consumables
at a wide range of levels and we guarantee that all of our shop prices are meticulously
set to reflect the level of the product. Our
 most popular items are offensive scrolls: these scrolls have multiple charges of
extremely high level mage spells stored on them, which all activate simultaneously
when used on a mob. We also offer various types of healing scrolls and potions as
well as potions to restore mana, movement, and more. Often we pick up orders from
our consumers, and as a result we have a wide variety of products for all classes,
but I'd like to highlight some offers that we will be running permanently. Also below,
I will be d
etiling opportunities to get our products without paying gold as well as ways to
earn gold as a potatoheads partner. If any of these offers interest you, feel free
to reach out to either rain or slej via tells. If you don't get a response, please
mudmail either of us, and we will respond within 1-2 days.

First, due to overwhelming demand, we are offering a bulk order service for cone
of cold scrolls and heal scrolls. Level 67 triple cone of cold scrolls are available
in orders of 100 to 500 scrolls with discounts as follows:

100 or more scrolls: 525 gold per scroll.

250 or more: 500 gold per scroll.

500 or more: 450 gold per scroll.

 For double cone of cold scrolls, we're offering orders up to 1000, with pricing
as follows:

350 gold per scroll for orders of 100 or more

300 gold for orders over 500.

250 for orders of 750 or more.

We are also offering level 55 double cones. These are the only products that we offer
in bulk with no upper limit
 we are prepared to handle any order size. These scrolls are sold for 300 gold per
scroll for orders over 100, 250 for orders of 500 and up, and 200 gold per scroll
for orders of 1000 or more.

We are offering double heal scrolls with the following bulk discounts. Orders limited
to 1000 or less.

190 gold per scroll for orders of more than 100.

185 gold for orders over 250.

180 per scroll for orders of 500 and up.

To place an order, just send a mudmail to rain or slej with the subject bulk order
and how many scrolls you'd like. Only one scroll type per order, but many orders
can be filled instantly from our extra inventory, and if our reserves are not enough,
turnaround times should be no more than a couple of days. When your order is ready
we will try to reach out via tells or arrange a time to meet over mudmails.

Below are some opportunities to make gold or get free inventory from potatoheads.

Due to our enormous demand for spell components, we are looking for players to help
us gather them. Spell comps are irregular and as a consequence we pay per pound.
To get players started in the spell comp business I'd like to list the following

There is 20 pounds of level 65 fire that loads two east, one north from the highly
unusual waypoint. From there, enter the portal to the fire plane, head north and
east until you encounter an ancient lava beast, and collect its stones. For this,
or any other spell comp with affinity for fire spells, we will pay you 30 gold per
pound. Additionally, we'll pay 45 gold per pound if the spell comp is above level
75, or 50 gold per pound above level 80.

Due to the rarity of lightning spell comps, we are offering higher prices. Level
65 and up is 40 gold per pound. Level 75 and up is 50 gold per pound, and level 80
and up is 60 gold per pound.

We currently get large shipments of cold from an existing player contract, so we
are not looking for cold spell comps below level 80. Level 80 cold is 30 gold per

Heal components are not rare, and level isn't important but, we will pay 10 gold
per pound.

If you would like to suggest a consumable that we are not currently selling that
you think might sell, please contact one of us and we will almost certainly order
a test batch. If a portion of the test batch sells within two weeks, we will place
an order for a larger quantity. If you would like to scribe scrolls for us, we will
give you 60% of the shop selling price for each scroll that is a similar level to
what we have in the shop.

One of our more interesting offers is our spell comp merchandise trade in. If you
would like to trade consumables or spell comps for potatoheads scrolls and merchandise,
we will give you 110% of the value of the items you would like to trade in exchange
for anything in our store. This applies to in-shop prices as well as our bulk orders.
As a bonus, if you're interested in trading for ice scrolls (cone of cold and icebolt),
we will give you 120 percent of the value of your trade.

Thank you for sticking with us through all the dry sale stuff. If you have questions
about anything, feel free to mudmail Slej or Rain and we'll clarify as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you around the shop!
The Potatoheads

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