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Date:    2021 Aug 22 06:38
To:      all
From:    chance
Subject: A new bot is in town, join our telegram to find out more
Hello, hello, it's your favorite money bot here, just to let you know about another

We are not on AA all the time, and may miss important things, therefore I invite
you to join our Telegram group, where I announce the following:
1.	Double XP modes
2.	Game reboots
3.	Game crashes
4.	Clan wars
5.	Group runs.

Will most likely add more things in the future.
Feel free to make your own announcements on there, and as it's mainly an announcement
group, keep chatter to a minimum.

Join here:

PS: if you wish to submit any strings such as important announcements, send me a
mudmail with the string.

PPS: No I will not add announcing hourly minidraws :P

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