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Date:    2006 Dec 28 21:51
From:    strife
Subject: Sunday, November 27, 2005, 12:06:10 AM
[samon] Strife: drunken muding

[samon] Asuka: New thing.

[samon] Strife: i drink about twice a year

[samon] Strife: if that

[samon] Strife: last time i was drunk was like july or

[samon] Prism: maybe you should do it twice a day 

[samon] Strife: at the beach yeah with my friends aunt
and uncle

[samon] Strife: and i'm drunk

[samon] Jalin: is this the second occassion of the

[samon] Strife: it's cool because it takes like
NOTHING to drink me up

[samon] Strife: get me drunk err

[samon] Strife: fuck that was funy

[samon] Strife: listen

[samon] Strife: this girl has been trying to fuck me
for like months and years and i wouldn't have it and
she gave up and then i decided i wanted to fuck her in
return but she wasn't having it so i started having
this other girl hang around to make the first girl
jealous and it worked and now she wants to fuck me
(due to jealousy) but i like the girl that originally
was just around ot make the first jealous

[samon] Stefen: ugh

[samon] Asuka: cackle

[samon] Strife: yeah it's wild

[samon] Stefen: what a situation

[samon] Prism: mmk note to self, avoid effbee

[samon] Strife: so i figured "ok i'll fuck the first
girl, then never talk to her again" b ecaause she's a
fucking cunt and a snude and a bitch so fuck her, and
then just fuck her the one or two times to get it out
of your system then being something solesome and
sandwich with the new girl

[samon] Strife: because i like her

[samon] Strife: what the fuck did i just type

[samon] Stefen: hahahahahahahah

[samon] Strife: but the old girl (who i wanted to fuck
and not talk to ever again) acted like a real
cuntberry tiongith so fuck her i'm going to get
together with this other girl and be happy and never
have fucked the first girl but i don't fucking care

[samon] Strife: it's hard to see

[samon] Stefen: fuck teh fucking cfuckers

[samon] Stefen: the

[samon] Strife: stefen you're not making any sense

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