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Date:    2011 Jan  1 02:22
From:    subtle
Subject: 2010 introspective retrospective
Well I'm pretty tired but I'm going to try and hammer this out before bed.

What's happened in the last year? Well in terms of player base very little.
The social-emotional contract between a player and the mud continues to be
debased... Big empty house. We miss bumping into each other like we used
to. Newbie islands, way points, user channels. Dentin is trying to
manufacture an increasingly social environment but the fabric is being
pulled apart faster than he can knit. Part of the reason is because we have
so many blind people on. The game play is so overwhelming that many of
them can't monitor social interaction on the side like a sighted-player
can so they tend to ignore people.

Oh yeah, Maul/Mikael didn't actually die. He came back a few months ago
acting like nothing had ever happened. Although everyone else still seems
to be dead. Dead and no doubt satisfied that during their one shot at
existence they spent a great deal of it sitting in a darkened room
pushing little plastic buttons.

Necromancer has been fully implemented and in spite of all the ambivalence
and anxiety that preceded it people seem to really be enjoying themselves.
Good for them I guess. The only thing I don't like is all the minions.
They're spammier than a donation room full of tight leather jerkins.(ha
ha!) As punishment for anyone who hasn't "gotten with the program" Dentin
has been denting the original 4 classes to even out the power each player
is capable of. Oh, and when I say people seem to enjoy themselves, I mean
people have enjoyed creating newbies with necro as their main class. As the
next 3 classes come in I predict that the utility of older characters in
possession of the original 4 classes will continue to decline. People are
real happy with the state of the mud right now because the
implementation/denting has taken place over such a long period of time that
they don't realize they're taking hits. It's similar to the 'how to boil a
live frog' metaphor. 

In spite of the advantages the new class has given soloers, Dentin has
continued to dink a player's ability to solo in general. And the only
player who had the sense to speak up about it is routinely bad mouthed by
the ruling class and paranoidly accused of waging some sort of Emaual
Goldstein type campaign. Mr. paranoid just can't stand the thought that
someone would have the nerve to file grievance after all his benevolence.
Dentin(Or Big D as some of the betas like to call him) is a bit 
like Mark Zuckerberg, except not successful.

As for me, my writing hasn't improved much. I'm still not exactly sure how
to use a hyphen or an em dash, whatever the fuck that is. And the mud
doesn't afford me many opportunities to try out the semi-colon either.
Though I keep plodding along. Logging in, checking the boards, typing
'groups old', looking for a host for my hit-bot to suck experience out of.
I found out that I need to have 25 strength to get my 32 warrior. At 1
practice a day and 100 practices total plus at the rate I run xp, probably
a 3 month micro leveling slog, it'll be >6 months before my next level.
With a reality like that it's hard to know what I'm trying to accomplish 
here. I keep waiting for someone to feel guilty about getting me hooked on
this place but that day hasn't come yet. I continue to hold my breath.

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