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Date:    Feb 23 23:52
To:      all
From:    draak
Subject: Recent Events
The recent Milano-Aztec War was the culmination of an Aztec ploy to reclaim
the fields west of their city.  This campaign had been planned for years, but
only resulted in large loss of life on both sides. In their prepartions for
battle, the Aztecs all but halted their aggressions against the Kingdom of
Kookien the Monkey King on their nothern border. Several years of little more
 than minor skirmishes has allowed an entire generation of apes to reach
maturity without being slaughtered in battle.  The resulting 'baby-boom' has
nearly doubled the population of chimps and gorillas living in the jungles
north of the Aztecs.  After consulting with the Mandrill Shaman and his other
advisors, King Kookien determined that his people could easily live off the
natural resources they already held without expanding their territory. These
benevolent creatures now thrive in ever growing numbers, but there is little
doubt the Aztecs will recover and once again try to regain their lost


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